From the master of 80s detective schlock, the genius behind "Miami Vice" and Band of the Hand, comes the most incomprehensible film of all time...

Crockett and Tubbs chill in front of the poorly designed title graphics
"Outlandish, incoherent, and mostly awful." -- Leonard Maltin
"The Keep is not a good movie." --
"This is a terrible film. Be warned. Stay away from The Keep. -- An IMDb reviewer


Bigger and better than the Supergirl DVD release!*

In 1983 Michael Mann unleashed the unique gothic thriller The Keep upon an unsuspecting world. Never before had audiences seen such a unique combination of unlit scenes, rubber special effects, and discombobulating direction. Never before has such wonderful source material been so uniquely twisted into a form so unrecognizable by both the author and fans of the original book. Never before has one person managed to accomplish such an utterly unique feat of direction and writing: 96 minutes of film with no plot or lighting to get in the way of the visual experience.

As a bonus an array of special features, including an interview with The Mann himself, have been added to the release of The Keep DVD to make your movie-watching experience truly unique. Somewhere in the movie Otherworld, in the space between Congo and Revenge of the Stepford Wives, a slot is reserved for Mann's The Keep.

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"Moronic, way overlong junk from the creators of Miami Vice." -- Leonard Maltin
"The action scenes... are so overblown and ludicrous that the movie winds up as a hoot." --

* No returns. The money you waste on The Keep is non-refundable. We cannot be responsible for any harm you or your television come to while watching this film. Ruined dates are not our responsibility. Void where prohibited. Sorry, Tennessee!

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